How to Use Relaxation to Enhance Your Productivity

The Need for Leisure Time With Balance

Research has shown the importance behind acquiring adequate rest and relaxation in order to stave off unwanted and unnecessary stress. This begs the questions of just how one can put aside enough time to reduce their stress? Just how much time is enough time to reduce your individual stress levels? And just how do you avoid going over the limit of what is deemed relaxation time and being counter-productive? It’s no secret that if you are sitting there, worrying about the possibility that you are spending too much time relaxing and not enough time being productive, that could actually become counter-productive in of itself.

Be Aware of Your Needs

Step one would be to make a list of what you hope to achieve by scheduling yourself some much needed relaxation time. Ask yourself what it is you’re hoping to achieve by letting yourself calm for a short time in your busy day and acknowledge what it is that turns relaxing into procrastination. This will help you become better familiar with what your individual needs really are and can prevent you from worrying about the small things during the times where you are not meant to.

Find Fast-Acting Pick-Me-Ups

There are plenty of simple, pick-me-up strategies that you could be implementing to care for yourself for a hard day’s work. This doesn’t mean binge watching the entire first season of your favorite show, but instead to find ways to reward yourself while limiting the amount of time spent not being productive. That could mean watching one or two episodes instead of the whole season, but there are other small things you can enjoy while relaxing.

  • Watch a funny viral video
  • Dance to your favorite song
  • Complete a crossword puzzle
  • Have some coffee and browse your favorite news site
  • Meditate in complete silence
  • Talk to a friend on the phone
  • Go for a walk or take some pictures in the park

Motivate Yourself in Positive Ways

Self motivation is the key to achieving a balanced schedule. All work and no play can hardly make for a productive worker. In fact, your productivity would reduce over time as you’re wearing yourself down. Your quality of work would definitely suffer, which is why it’s important to remind yourself of the rewards you will be giving yourself later, as well as taking a moment at the end of the day to review your accomplishments with pride.

Maintain Regular Resilience-Building Habits

There are many caregivers services that provide dementia in home care and many others.  Take this under considering if you feel more help is needed.  Remember the most important thing for helping build a healthy mind is to also build a healthy body. Exercising and meditating regularly will do wonders for boosting your morale during the heights of the daily grind. You can also employ the tactic of gratitude journaling.